We fund research into secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths

We fund groundbreaking research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis.

Our research taking place at University of Oxford’s Glycoprotein Therapeutic Laboratory addresses critical gaps in scientific resources and knowledge to help doctors diagnose and treat breast cancer faster and more effectively. We want to better understand the factors that increase or reduce the risk of secondary spread so people can make informed diet and lifestyle choices.

We are researching new treatments that will enable cancer destroying drugs to be delivered specifically to secondary tumours before they grow and symptoms are experienced. This new therapeutic approach is based on refocusing the immune system to destroy cancerous cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

As part of our diet and lifestyle study we have collected blood and urine samples from over 3000 breast cancer patients, each over a five year period making it the largest collection of its kind in the UK. We are studying these samples to look for evidence of proteins that act as biological markers of secondary spread, this could form the basis of a home test kit providing peace of mind to people after treatment.

Your support is vital to ensure Against Breast Cancer can continue this innovative research so women and men can look forward to a future free from breast cancer.